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Hand Crafted Collage Jewelry and Accessories

Blue Water Designs Owner, Karen LaughonBlue Water Designs came to life aboard the sailboat "Major Chord" docked in Boston Harbor in the early 1990's. Through the years and many ports of call, I became fascinated with life's small details.

Buttons are one of life's small details. They have become the framework of each generation, historical and political events, family stories and fables, economic conditions and scenes of rural and city life. I am inspired by the artistry and workmanship of each button and how they reflect different cultures and different ages.

Adding to my inspiration are the basic every day items used in the past, some long forgotten some saved by family members for future generations; belt buckles, cuff links, garters, screw back earrings and silver spoons to name a few.

All of my pieces have been designed and created with these vintage items. Each piece has a detailed description of the items used in the design. The Personality People Pins each come with a story card.

I am proud to have donated necklaces to the following organizations.
     -The Mayhew Program
     -Child Advocacy Center of Rockingham County

     -Westie Rescue of New England, Inc.

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